Secure RESTful API Integration Guide

Version: 18.913.218.219 , Dated: 1 Feb 2018


Welcome to BBX! Here you’ll find comprehensive information for integrating to our API endpoints. We’ve tried to make this documentation user-friendly, but if you have any questions, please email This guide covers the process of building a program within your web site or application in order to process live BBX transaction and can be run on any platform and in any programming language.

This guide also provides technical information about integrating and configuring BBX Payment within your environment. This document is intended for developers, integrating BBX RESTful API interface into their own applications or websites.

Base URL:

Generate API keys and access

To gain access to the BBX Merchant API, please generate your "merchantPayID" and "merchantSecureToken" from Click Here

In order to generate your key you will require your BBX account number and password;
If you do not have your password. please go to Password Assistance or if you need your account number then please contact your account manager.

Once you’ve completed this process and acknowledged our terms, we’ll provide a "MerchantPayID" and "MerchantSecureToken". Please make sure you do not share these details with anyone.

Test Endpoint and procedure

POST : /api/Public/V1/test/ProcessBBXPayment

You can use the below details against the BBX Test API.

Parameter Test Value Data Type Your Result
merchantPayID 776622 String Passed
merchantSecureToken abcd1234 String Passed
bbX16AccountNumber 6220430111112222 String Passed
amountInDecimal 100 Integer ($1 = 100) Failed
amountInDecimal 1050 Integer ($10.50 = 1050) Failed
amountInDecimal 2050 Integer ($20.50 = 2050) Passed
description Any Text String Passed

You can use above parameters to test your application for various senarios. Please note all transaction amount need to X 100 to get a valid amount i.e. $500.50 = 50050

Request Parameters
Parameter Content Type: text/json
HTTP Methods: POST

"merchantPayID": "string",
"merchantSecureToken": "string",
"bbX16AccountNumber": "string",
"amountInDecimal": 0,
"description": "string"

Response Codes
Response Content Type: application/json
Response Code: 200

"isValid": true,
"message": "string"

Live Endpoint

POST: /api/Public/V1/ProcessBBXPayment

Get Your Merchant Key